Li’Marolf is the goddess of divine love and lust. Many fear her and some have even said she has turned traitor. It is rumored that she took the Empress’s brother Florin as a lover and has even borne him a child. She could just be using her wiles to turn the Vale back to the path of the gods. Or she could have sold the Zinyini out. It is said that Modnar tricked her into supporting him by flattery and convincing her that the Empress’s Brother was interested in her.

He was. But When Florin realized that Li’Marolf Had intentions of useing the child to access the power of the Mandala, he fled with the babe to the The Dreaming . And from there to The Burl. Finally settling on the LA area of Earth.

Li’Marolf headed after to reclaim her child. But Modnar cleverly layed a trap…


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