Long ago the great black stone island fell from the stars and the ancient gods screamed in despair from being torn from their home in the heavens. They fell to earth in a mighty crash. The stone was very large and it created the sea. The stone was very hot and it burned the desert. The stone was very mighty, so much so it rose the volcanoes on the very other side of the world. and as the rain of the wounded world rained down upon the steaming black rock, one ancient god looked up from his despair. Ni’Krowd saw opportunity where the other only saw pain and despair. He tried to reason with the ancient gods but they would not listen. So sadly he left the great black stone to see what was about in the world.

It is said he wandered for an eternity, sometime making races of people to entertain him. After a time when some of his creations had rebelled against him and had made horrible war on each other he retreated into a cloud and thought. He worked for some time gathering the best pieces from many other races, testing and retesting them. Finally when he was done the Zinyini came to be. But they were so honorable and strong, it reminded him of his long lost brothers still wailing in their despair back deep in the sea deep in the black rock island.

So he raised up Norebo and told him to be king of his greatest creation, then went back to tell his brothers that all was not lost and that he had made a wonderful people to worship them. Alas, while he had been away the ancient gods had gone mad with grief and attacked poor Ni’Krowd.

Again sadly he returned to the Nadra desert, but he wisely realized his time had passed and his son Norebo was a great king indeed. Now it is said he lives in the great Volcano which belches the cloud of smoke that the city of the gods is carved out of. Good Zinyini always throw good liquor into the volcano so the old god can have a good time in his retirement.


Encyclopedia Yggdraversica Florimel