Nilarem is the son of Nerwoc and a demoness that captured him in the war. The story goes that the demons were winning, so Modnar snuck into the Demon’s camp/city and found Nilram. Modnar then spoke to Nilarem of the bravery and nobility of the Zinyini and how they can ride though the trackless wastes. Of the beauty of the Zinyini women and how the most “talented” ones would be his as spirit warriors. And how strong and brave the Zinyini men were, and how the strongest of these would serve as his warriors after they died and became spirit warriors. And how he would be honored as his Father’s son among the gods instead of merely serving in the demon’s army as his mother’s aide.

So Nilarem betrayed his mother and led Modnar to where Nilarem’s father Nerwoc was trapped. After gaining vows that they would both support Modnar as the king of the gods if something should happen to the king Norebo, Modnar freed Nerwoc and all three rode into the final battle turning the tide with Modnar’s cunning, Nerwoc’s wisdom, and Nilarem’s amazing devices. Nilarem IS part of the pantheon now, but VERY distrusted. He did, after all, betray his own kind. Some call this returning to the side of righteousness, since “his own kind” were demons, but others watch him carefully. He does not feel welcome and now he is the King of the gods.

He has married into the Royal family of the Vale by Marrying Princess Morgaine


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