Princess Morgaine

Your typical redhead, and your typical teenager. This can't be good.


Princess Morgaine is the daughter ofPrincess Blaze (a rarely seen and never spoken-of member of the Vale’s Royal Family). It is believed that Princess Blaze is the one who prompted the War of Heaven and Hell by taking the demon king Darr as a lover, and that Morgaine is the child of this demon.

Morgaine is perhaps a bit taller than average, with reddish gold hair and classically beautiful features. She also exhibits the demonic ability of shapeshifting, though she is pleased enough with her usual form to not use it often.

After Empress Carawynne routed the demons from the world and used the magic of the Great Mandala to prevent their return, she later forged a treaty with the king of the demons, in which (among other things) it was promised that Morgaine would be kept within the bounds of the City of the Vale, and would be prevented from learning how to access the power borne in her by her Valite parentage. In return, the demons would abandon their threat to destroy the Vale by dropping mountains from the stars.

Perhaps in an attempt to maintain the treaty despite Morgaine’s headstrong nature, Princess Brandy has taught Morgaine the secrets of astral projection. In this way, she is allowed to roam more or less freely, without her body ever leaving the confines of the treaty.

She is married to Nilarem king of the Zinyini gods

And her son isArthur

Princess Morgaine

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