Ben Janni


Ben Janni tel Machia Elban de Ariva los Murtes was formerly the chief lieutenant to Lord Fowle, who presided over the Unseelie Court of Faerie.

During the “Indistinguishable From Magic” campaign, Ben Janni first engaged the Friendship by purchasing a book from their mentor’s shop, and paying with coins inscribed with the way to reach the Queen of Madness (ruler over both courts of Faerie). Later, as the Friendship began to spread the ideals of Harmony, Ben Janni actively involved himself in its operations, joining a Council in the city of Wolfhaven where he kept a merchant warehouse. After the Friendship successfully struck an alliance with the Queen of Madness, securing all of Faerie as allies to Harmony, the Queen insisted that she abdicate, and that Tisk ascend in her place. This also required that Tisk marry into the Courts of Faerie. Ben Janni was Tisk’s choice, and ruled as King of the Sidhe until her death 328 years later.

Fae who dare give their hearts to mortals will mourn themselves to death when their lovers pass. Ben Janni did this, but in the “Scion: Virus” campaign, The Raven Queenmade some choices that rewrote the Burl and effectively eliminated the moments around Tisk’s death. Tisk is still gone, but Ben Janni was not only restored to life, but freed from his memory of her passing – and thus his need to follow her into death.

Ben Janni sought out Nicole once he divined that she was responsible, and the two have bonded to each other.

Ben Janni

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