Amber Amberson

The living embodiment of Regret


Amber has the Pattern (from the Amber world by Roger Zelazny), but refuses to use it because she believes using it will drive one insane. She further believes that Pattern Itself has it out for her, and has attacked her through her children.


The daughter of Rigel and Sarah the Healer, Amber is fond of writing gothic romance novels with tragic endings. As the embodiment of Regret, she maintains her power and existence through the emotions she stirs within her readers – particularly regret for romances gone.

She appears as a thin, beautiful middle-aged woman with long reddish-brown hair.

She is married and deeply devoted toRobert Amberson , and has one surviving daughter,Eureka Amberson . Her three other children have either died at the hands of terrible cosmic beings, or taken their own lives. She is somewhat disappointed in Eureka, but does not intervene in her daughter’s life – she hopes that as long as Eureka maintains her sweet innocence, she won’t go and get herself killed.

Amber Amberson

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