Eureka Amberson

The apotheosis of intuition


Eureka’s power is superhuman intuition. Even if she has absolutely no reason to know something, she is nearly always able to make a lucky guess at the truth – much to the annoyance of those around her. (In the SCION game mechanics, she has the equivalent of 6 dots in Mystery).


Eureka is the daughter of Robert Amberson and Amber Amberson, who are the embodiments of Duty and Regret. Her personality is nearly the exact opposite – she is bright and cheerful, sweet and innocent, and more or less completely insane.

She is fond of spending time around Coyote . She likes to think of herself as a Muse of Discovery, and as such will come and go among people as she feels she is needed, dispensing insight whether they want it or not. She may stay for months or for a week.

Eureka Amberson

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