Jack, the Trickster

God of stealth and thieves, and of rabbits - silly or otherwise.


As a god, Jack grants the following to those who venerate him:

Invisibility to both sight and hearing (needs roll)



The outsider god, not liked but tolerated for the help he has given. The black sheep.

Jack is a toon. Literally – he is a three-dimensional illustration given life via magic. His personality could be described as a cross between Bugs Bunny and Groucho Marx.

Jack began his existence as an illusory jester for a demi-god. When the demi-god died, Jack was able to take over several of of his more powerful artifacts – because Jack was “just an illusion”, none of the other deities paid him any heed until it was too late.

Jack is particularly venerated by a race of rabbit-people known as the Callix. This worship grants him the power necessary for him to continue existing in his current state. He appears as an anthropomorphic rabbit wearing a top hat and tails. He is genuinely concerned for the welfare of the Callix, but he has no qualms about allowing (or causing!) misfortune to befall them if that is ultimately what is best for them.

Jack, the Trickster

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