"The Undying", one of the Pantheon.


As a god, Tages grants the following to those who venerate him:

Detect disease & blood (discriminatory, 360 degrees, 30 feet)

2d6 healing (by taking disease/injury into yourself)

Tages is capable of existing in multiple places simultaneously, and can manifest wherever the blood of his worshipers has been spilled.


Other names: He who plots for centuries, Healer of the blood, Bane of disease, The Trustless

Tages originally was a homo habilis, and thus to modern eyes he would appear about ten years old with dark hair and deeply tanned skin. He is one of the oldest vampires known in the Yggdraverse, about 3 million years old. He is a master of manipulation, but in general he acts out of a genuine concern for people and tries to shape things toward their benefit. He achieved his apotheosis by drinking the blood of the Serpent of Chaos (and other former members of the Pantheon).

Tages is very pragmatic and realistic, which means he can be harsh even to those who venerate him, but he is very loyal to Ophyllia and the rest of the Pantheon.

Tages has effectively become the essence of Blood, and as such he is often petitioned as a god of healing – particularly of illness. Such prayers are often worded as requests for him to remove his presence (and thus the illness) from the person’s life.


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