An immortal woman from the beginning of time.


Pipette appears to have perfect foreknowledge of events, but this is mostly because she has now seen it all five times over and remembers what people did the last five times. It is not always accurate, and she can still be surprised, but more often than not she comes off as frighteningly accurate in her foretellings.

Having lived for billions of years, Pipette easily equals the best of any given mortal in any skill. She cannot work miracles such as bringing people back to life, but she is easily equal to the best doctor found on any world.

If Pipette is “killed”, she reincarnates almost immediately, retaining all knowledge from previous existences. She prefers the form of an elven female, though she is wise enough to take another shape if it will help further her goals as an agent of free will.

She is a “member” of The Unaligned and as such is free to act as she will throughout the multiverse.


Pipette has known many different names in her long life, including the Great Lady and the Green Apple. In the “From Magic” campaign, she was known as the Queen of Blood, and served as a mentoress to Michelle “Tisk” Saint-Chant.

Pipette traveled to the beginning of time with the Twelve Endless and the Twelve Great Beasts to save the universe from repeated destruction. What others would call “going back in time” actually entails destroying the entire universe and re-creating it up to the point where you wish to make changes. Pipette and her crew know of five times where this had been done, and they traveled back to the very beginning of time to guard the universe from further such incidents. Because her father (now known as Destiny) sacrificed himself and took her place as a guardian, she now exists outside of mortal time and spent the past…well, eternity serving as an agent of free will.

She is intensely caring and loyal, with a strong maternal drive. She is frequently associated with Dream over the course of time – one could almost consider them married. Her grandson is Crucible.

She was raised as a pacifist and prefers to support peaceful approaches whenever possible, though her goal first and foremost is to promote the idea of free will and self-determination and she will lend her aid to military or political uprisings in that direction even if it does mean bloodshed (as she did in the From Magic campaign).


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