Encyclopedia Yggdraversica

Another addition to the EY

The main wiki page has now been updated with information on the ancient and recent history of Tuteck.

The gift of prophecy

More information that is mostly useful to an ongoing campaign, but since it’s a prophecy, it won’t change even if it shows up in a different one. =) It’s on the Wiki tab under “the Burl”, along with an explanation of what makes up the Burl.

More new stuff!

On the wiki tab, the “Modern Day Earth” setting has been given a vague background, and a significant event in one of its denizen’s histories has been chronicled for the sake of players in a current campaign which began there.

Just moved some things around

FemmeLegion has moved the list of settings from the Adventure Log tab to the Party Wiki tab. This way, the Adventure Log can be used to announce updates to the Encyclopedia without burying the very content we wish to highlight.

Speaking of updates, the Vale has been updated.

A small update

A few of the NPCs have been fleshed out enough to be released for public consumption. Enjoy!


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