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  • Empress Carawynne

    Carawynne rules over the city of the Vale, and in her peoples’ opinion the entire region of the Vale. Her father was Norebo, the old king of the gods. She is tall and beautiful, with flowing black hair that has a shocking white highlight on her front …

  • Empress's Consort Cassidy

    Cassidy is also tall and thin. He has dirty blond hair and tends to dress in nondescript colors. He is said to be the fastest man in the world. Indeed, there have been assassination attempts where the assassin has found himself impaled on his own poisoned …

  • Empress's Daughter Genevieve

    Genevieve is the Empress Carawyn's daughter with Cassidy. She is young appearing, blonde and pretty, and also has a shard of the Mandala (the red gemstone) embedded in her forehead.

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