The Ursuline Academy

A school and university for young cosmic beings. Rigel Is the Headmaster. Maggie the Red runs the day to day operations.


*Amber Amberson Teaches literature and writing and poetry

*BultarTeaches statistics, number theory, business and management, lock picking, Trap detection and pick pocketing.

*Charity Wells Teaches Comportment and Manners, royal etiquette, and Dance.

*CoyoteComputer science, Brain studies

*Felicity P.E. Cheer, Drama,

*Flora & Fauna Dorm ‘Mothers’

*Lord ZorannojastubanTemporal and dimensional physics, History, Block transfer equations.

*MauzCurrent events, Fencing, Archery, Equestrian studies.

*Max the Grimlin KingEngineering, Carpentry, Smithing, “making”.

*Melisae/ Natalia Life sciences, Enviromental studies, Exobiology

*Panoramix Magic theory, Practical magic

*Robert AmbersonPolitical science, Diplomacy,Ethics,

*Sarah the HealerMedicine, Biology

*Sean Geology, Sciences,Nanotechnology

* Rain Troutman Psychology, Social Sciences.

*Damia Psychic powers, Mental defense, Defense against the Dark Arts.

The Ursuline Academy

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