the Azer

The Azer are red-haired and red-bearded fireproof dwarves that live under and in a nearby volcano. They are very noble and honorable people, and some of the finest metal workers in existence. They trade their finished goods with The Vale,hauling their wares on red-furred mountain goats.

“Fireproof” may be a slight misnomer; fire hurts the Azer, but doesn’t permanently damage them. They consider it a test of strength to see how long they can take the burning. They are just as brave as the bravest warriors even though they are short. They also have great scholars and a great university. They are, however, heathens (I.E. don’t worship any gods).

The People of the Vale have blocked the Zinyini from trading directly with the Azer. The Azer seemed wholly unconcerned by this, untill now.

They are ruled by King Bearnie

the Azer

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