The Infinity Gems

The normal cycle for a universe is to vibrate itself into existence and then expand until either gravity pulls it back into contraction, or until entropy freezes it. Very VERY rarely, a contraction is incomplete. Some have theorised that it relates to the number of times the entire Multiverse has been recreated but there is no way to know for sure. Whatever the reason, there are currently six of these almost collapsed universes. They appear as small round gems, and they control vast power. In the past when all six have been used in concert the entire reality of the multiverse has been altered.

Oberon holds the Gem of Reality and in his hands it functions much like the fabled Jewel of Judgement did when he once ruled the City of Amber with it.

Strangefate holds the Gem of the Mind and uses it to unlock the secrets of the multiverse and the collective unconscious of all sentient beings everywhere.

Von Kang holds the Gem of Time. Having gone through so many incarnations and split timelines Von Kang, Or Immortus as he is sometimes known guards the time stream against destruction or intrusion.

Surth holds the Gem of Space. Surth itself is a very rare anomaly, a universe that achieved sentience and collapsed onto itself forming one being. The Space within itself mirrors the space it controls with the Gem.

Gealock holds the Gem of Life. As guardian of life Gealock moves across the multiverse strengthening the growth of life.

Dr. Manhattan holds the Gem of Power. Few beings have such an intimate grasp of the operation of the multiverse as this being.

All of these individuals are Classically “Distinct”, meaning there is only one in the multiverse (no “copies” of them in “parallel universes”), and as such they can never be destroyed, only altered.

The Infinity Gems

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