The Trumps

Rigel Made the original deck representing almost the whole of The Pantheon and it was fleshed out by George Mychaels afterward. Most of the those who are pictured on these cards have a complete set.

In each deck are cards that are slightly cold to the touch. Representing the distance between the weilder and the person pictured. And each card can be used both as a means to speak to the person pictured regardless of the distance and also a means to instantly move either to the pictured person or by extending your hand to bring them to you.

It is no coincidence that the beings present at the begining of time The Chessboard are represented in the deck as they are some of the most basic and powerful beings in existance. And though dealing with such beings each deck is imbued with certain prophetic powers. One can foretell the future by using the cards and interprating the spread of the deck wisely.

The deck is devided into The Major Arcana and four “suits”, the Minor Arcana:





The Trumps

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