the War of Heaven and Hell

The first Empress of the People of the Vale was Titania, who ruled for nearly 2000 years. When she finally died, her many children fell to squabbling over who would succeed her and rule the Vale. It is said that in the midst of all the squabbling, one of the Princesses (who has successfully obliterated her name from the history of this atrocity) called upon the demon hordes, and even took a demon lover.

Whether she did so in hopes of riding the demons’ power to the throne, or simply to calm the infighting by giving her siblings a common foe, the end result was that the demons themselves effectively ruled the Vale for several years. Capricious and cruel, they gleefully killed any who did not accept their sovereignty, or who dared to profess faith in the Zinyini pantheon in their presence. Many of the Zinyini tribes were raided for the sole purpose of slaughtering their priests and priestesses. The gods defended their people as best they could, but the casualties were still heavy – including the King of the Gods himself, Norebo, and by extension all of his Spirit Warriors.

When Empress Carawynne rode in with her retinue and called her brothers and sisters to her side she not only drove the demons from the world, she called upon the power of the Great Mandela which blessed the Vale, and sealed the world from any of their kind ever coming to the land again. She then declared herself the victor and the rightful heir to Titania’s rule.

At about the same time, the god Modnar began forming alliances and playing gods against each other to secure his place as Norebo’s heir. It is also said that he has made pacts with Empress Carawynne to secure his power.

the War of Heaven and Hell

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