Links and Thank Yous

Ok, there is a lot of art on these pages. Almost every piece I whole heartedly stole. Some folks I know where I got them from. Others I just found randomly “google”ing things. If you wander through here and come upon something that is yours I would LOVE to find that out ( and maybe ask you for some more, or at least a website for me to look at). Some of the pictures of famous folks are here but I think those are public domain. Again, if not, let me know. Besides You wouldn’t be here if I didn’t think you were amazing anyway. Please take it as the compliment it’s intended to be.

Some of the art I got is from obviously famous artists, Boris Valejo, Julie Bell, Vargas, Elvgren, ETC. They are brilliant, go find their stuff. I don’t know their websites or even if they have one. (They must , right? everyone does nowadays). If I find a website later I will put it up here so you can go and see how amazing their work really is.

Boris Vallejo’s and Julie Bell’s online galleries:

There are a few sites though that really need to be pointed out. The first is Jonathon Bowser’s work. He is truly a gifted artist. He has a book called “The LotusMaiden – An Artist’s Search for the Secret of the Sky Goddess.” It is where a LOT of these pictures come from. Go to his web site and BUY it. Right now!

Artwork © – Jonathon Earl Bowser –

NO. I meant it, your still reading this. Go there NOW!

I’m waiting.

Yeah I meant it. Buy the catalog at least. It’s just $15 bucks. What’s the matter with you?

You back? Ok, then.

And then there is Nene Thomas.

Her work is breathtaking. And your probably familiar with it and you don’t even know you are. Ms. Thomas you , I’m sure, don’t remember me. But I am the proud owner of a personally signed 1993 edition calendar of yours. One of my favorite calendars ever. Go here and take a look at all her work.

She paints and draws as beautifully as she looks. It’s true.

I was privileged to stumble across Aly Fell. He is another fantastically talented artist. His pictures are so evocative and full of life and humor. Go check him out. He is amazing and NOW he has a blog!

and here is his gallery page:

If you’re looking for character ideas, this is where you need to come to. Just brilliant!

Finally, the fine folks at Privateer Press deserve a shout out. They make simply THE finest miniature games on the market. Period. And a lot of the art that goes into them you may find here and there through my pages. Go look them up and go and buy their games. You won’t be sorry. It will be hours and hours of fun for you. Really, trust me, I know. It’s a great site.

And to anyone I left out, or for questions or comments drop me a line.

I would love to hear from you. Especially if it’s talking about my favorite subject… ME and my tales.

Links and Thank Yous

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