List of Valite Royalty

Historical Valite Royality

Empress Carawynne’s Line

  • Empress Carawynne: Ruled over the city of the Vale, and in her peoples’ opinion the entire region of the Vale. Went mad but was healed by her daughter and Princess Germain. Carawynne currently works with the forces of Harmony and abdicated in favor of Nilarem and Princess Morgaine ’s Son Arthur who ruled for a time untill his daughter Queen Celeste was able to ascend to the throne. Arthur is currently in Calis with his Wife Princess Mariette and her family.
  • Empress’s Consort Cassidy: Said to be the fastest man in the world.
  • Empress’s Daughter Genevieve: Genevieve is the Empress’s daughter with Cassidy. She is currentlyin the Burl and married to a Dr. Daniels, An Ulfirc of a werewolf pack.

The Rest of the Royal Family

List of Valite Royalty

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