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Worlds Within Worlds

Everything is an echo of what was, and a promise of what will be.

As indicated in the campaign description, major NPCs and locations in previous campaigns may surface in future campaigns. There are several several worlds and timelines running parallel to each other. You can set a campaign completely in one setting, or contrive means for your players to travel in between settings if you feel a change of scenery may enliven your game.

If you choose the latter, don’t be afraid to jump between radically different settings if you think your game can handle it. Just understand that THIS IS NOT TIME TRAVELPipette will have to step in and hurt you if you attempt time travel. It is simply that some parts of the multiverse are significantly older than others. If it looks like you have somehow stepped 500 years into the future, what has really happened is you have left your particular branch of the multiverse and arrived on a branch that is identical to yours except that it was “born” 500 years earlier.



Modern Day Earth


The Thousand Worlds


The Burl

The Chessboard

The Vale

The Trumps

The Arbor of the Tree of Life

The Pantheon

The Rahnian Sphere

The Infinity Gems

The Maruk Academy


The Ursuline Academy


The Empire of the Spire


The Ringworld of Tuteck


The Twelve Spheres



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