The Creation of the Vale

Sometime early in the history of the Vale, when the People of the Vale and the Zinyini were still one people, three beings came from outside of time and space to the Vale. They were the Crone, the Fury, and the Virgin. These three women saw the Vale and decided to take it as a refuge from the demons and elder gods that resided in the stars. With the greatest of magics, they formed the Great Mandala upon a spire of rock in the north end of the Vale, bringing forth the lush land that would become the City of the Vale.

The Three Ladies realized that this would make the Vale prime territory for the already fractured tribes that dwelled there. So it was The Fury that bore a daughter of her own essence, to rule over the Vale. The daughter’s name was Empress Titania. Titania was raised among the Zinyini tribes till she reached maturity. Then she began a conquest to solidify her rule of the Vale. Through a mixture of cunning marriages, evil seductions and violent warfare, Titania very soon crowned herself Empress of the Vale and drove out any Zinyini who disagreed with her. She then set about creating a great city and place of learning for her people.

That was 2000 years ago. Titania ruled from that time to approximately 35 years ago. During that time she made continual dalliances with various members of the Zinyini pantheon and most of her children have been and are related to the gods directly. In such a way Titania was able to gain more and more concessions from her various lovers among the gods until she was blessed with such power none but the great king of the gods Norebo could have defeated her. Long ago did the Zinyini tribes give up on attacking the Vale directly.

Some 35 years ago Titania disappeared and since then it was learned that she died. Only the royal family knows precisely what happened to her. It is believed that a squabble over rights of succession is what led to the War of Heaven and Hell, and Empress Carawynne gained the crown by driving away the demonic invaders.

The Creation of the Vale

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