Valite Royalty

The Current ruler of The Vale is Queen Celeste and her husband King Brand (from Arklight).

Thier daughter is Princess Melinippe who is married to Lord Justice of Amber. They both live in the Vale as well.

ALso in exile here is Princess Florimel of Amber . Banished from Amber by the father of the current king in the eternal city.

Her Son Auberon and his wife,Lady Ivory of the Spire reside in the Castle of the Vale as well.

They have two children, Francesca (Married to a Star Sister on Tuteck) And Fabian

Princess Germain Still resides in the Vale as well and is the great healer of the Vale. She has become the goddesss of Air and the Mind.

Princess Renette (Red) and her husband Adam Roberts have recently returned to the Vale, and stay with Renette’s close friend Princess Morgaine in the City of the Gods

Princess Benevida Still is buried deep below the vale, ruling over her undead.

Princess Chance and her husband and thier Nephew, King Bearnie all live in the Volcano city, KhelidMirKhan, with the Azer

Princess Brandy and her husband Seraph Tal’Mel’Edge live out in the desert of Nadra.

Valite Royalty

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